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Georgian procurement data is available now!

date   08-07-2019

Georgian State Procurement Agency (SPA) data has been imported into OCDS Analytics. Build queries in our API GUI and receive customized analytics data about 275K Georgian tenders.

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How to build queries for "Top 10"

date   04-06-2019

OCDS Analytics provides tools to get top 10 contracts, top 10 tenders, top 10 procuring entities, and top 10 suppliers. This post explains in detail how to build such queries.

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How to build queries in OCDS Analytics

date   24-05-2019

OCDS Analytics provides tools for analysis of the OCDS-based procurement data. We would like to share some basic queries you can use while working with OCDS-based datasets.

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Alpha version released!

date   23-05-2019

The Alpha version of OCDS Analytics has been finally released. Real-time synchronization and new data collections were added.

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AI integrations - Prozorro_AI library

date   20-05-2019

Prozorro_AI is a JavaScript library designed to provide suggestions based on OCDS Analytics’ Predictions. It is a light and easy to use integration of machine learning and AI plugin.

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OCDS Analytics SaaS and predictions

date   18-04-2019

OCDS Analytics SaaS is an API-accessible service offering analytic tools for OCDS datasets. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) were successfully applied in the OCDS Analytics subsystem Predictions.

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